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Lloyd D. Smith Foundation Scholarship applications are available for download. Our scholarships are awarded annually, with an annual deadline of April 16. Since 2005, we have provided over $45,000 in scholarships to over 26 students in Ward 7 of Washington, DC. To learn more about our scholarship guidelines, and to download the application, please visit our Scholarship page.
Application deadline is April 16.

We are proud of our scholarship recipients. Here is what we have heard from a few recipients:

As a young man who grew up in Ward 7 in Washington, DC, I stand proud and am confident to say that I come from that area. As we know, Ward 7 is not the best of areas in the City but there are a few who excel and prosper and I am happy to say that I am one of them. Thank you all for helping me to achieve one of my dreams, to graduate from College. I will be graduating on May 15, 2010, from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland.
—Dwayne Pinkney, Morgan State University

Throughout my high school career, there are many times that I felt like giving up, like I couldn't go on any further. But I have kept pressing. You all have shown me, through this scholarship that hard work does pay off… Thank you for all that you do for youth in this community. You have given me the motivation to achieve all my dreams. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have displayed to me that adults and organizations do care about the plight of America's youth.
—Christina White, Temple University

Internship Program

From 2005 through 2009, we provided over $40,000 in funding for our Internship program through our partnership with Marshall Heights Community Development Organization and Howard University.

Community Service

"Senior Home Uplift" - In the memory and legacy of the late Martin Luther King, Jr. and the late Lloyd D. Smith, one of Washington, DC Ward Seven's most successful community development leaders, the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation was pleased to partner with the Pearl Coalition and Building Brighter Futures, Inc. to coordinate a day of community outreach and service in Washington, DC's Ward 7 on Saturday, January 22, 2011.We were blessed to have volunteers from Georgetown University join us in our efforts.

Our goal was to "uplift" a senior citizen's home by tackling some needed repairs. This included indoor and outdoor cleaning, repairing damaged ceiling, walls and floors, painting, trash removal, and providing other miscellaneous improvements that this senior citizen was unable to accomplish on his own. In 20˚ weather, Georgetown University volunteers also walked the neighborhood picking up trash.

Board Members of the Lloyd D. Smith Foundation, Representatives of the Pearl Coalition, Building Brighter Futures, Georgetown University volunteers and an officer from the Metropolitan Police Department, surround Mr. Huff (center), the Ward 7 resident who was the recipient of our "Senior Home Uplift."

Community Programs Community Programs

• College Scholarships
• Internship Opportunities
• African-American History

Program Support for:

• Leadership Development
• Civic Engagement
• Community Development


Scholarship applications are now available for download.

Application deadline is April 16.
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